Spirituality of Spending

Everything is spiritual, even our spending. What we buy, how we buy it, when we buy it, how impulsively we buy it all pertains to our spiritual life.  A person made the thing, grew the thing, sewed the thing, transported the thing everything we purchase is not limited to the store. I have come to … Continue reading Spirituality of Spending

Just sit with me.

I imagine that this sort of thing happened with Jesus and his disciples: One day Jesus and his disciples were walking a dirt road toward Jerusalem. Seeing a nice plain Jesus stops and says, “Let’s sit. I have a lesson I wish to teach you.”  After being seated Peter asks, “Lord, what is the lesson … Continue reading Just sit with me.

Killing the Impulse: Breaking the habit of impulse buying

Before discovering the art of being content and having enough, my life was wrought with the desire to purchase things I did not need, with money I did not have to impress people I did not like. Impulse buying, retail therapy, the euphoric experience of clicking on check out, handing the cashier your credit card, … Continue reading Killing the Impulse: Breaking the habit of impulse buying

Life Without Music

One evening while sitting at my kitchen table, I scrolled through YouTube looking for the perfect music mix to enjoy my snack with. However, a question passed through my mind that gave me pause: “How often do I allow time to simply be present?” Where every morning I typically get the same things accomplished by … Continue reading Life Without Music

Don’t forget, You’re Going to Die.

“Death is not waiting for us at the end of a long road. Death is always with us, in the marrow of every passing moment. She is the secret teacher hiding in plain sight, helping us discover what matters most.” -Frank Ostaseski There is an app that reminds you five random times a day that … Continue reading Don’t forget, You’re Going to Die.