Losing my keys was one of the most common and frustrating occurrences I would experience before simplifying my life. My wallet, shoes and even my belt would join the ranks of items that would get misplaced. On top of that, my laundry would get out of control with enough clothing to go two months without … Continue reading Limits

Endless Tomorrows

Three years ago I made the decision that I wanted to take control of my health and lose weight. Getting up from my couch, I went to my fridge and poured the two liter bottle of soda down the drain and cleared out all of the meat. Having one more steak dinner or glass of … Continue reading Endless Tomorrows

The Way It Is

“That’s just the way it is.” Those six words are used to form one of the most callous sentences in the English language. The sentence immobilizes action and squelches passions with poisoning drops from the bottle of indifference. When someone says “that’s just the way it is” there is the implication that something “is not … Continue reading The Way It Is