Losing my keys was one of the most common and frustrating occurrences I would experience before simplifying my life. My wallet, shoes and even my belt would join the ranks of items that would get misplaced. On top of that, my laundry would get out of control with enough clothing to go two months without … Continue reading Limits

Where did my shirt come from?

Most of the 40 million garment workers are women making some of the lowest wages in the world. Grandparents, children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles are treated as second class citizens; exposed to harmful chemicals and expected to work in unsafe environments. Change is not far off. It starts with you. Here are … Continue reading Where did my shirt come from?

I started with my closet.

My journey toward simplicity began with my closet. Brimming with dress shirts, khakis, dress pants, polos, t-shirts, graphic tees, flannels and jeans, my closet and dresser had enough clothing for me to go two full months before needing to do laundry. Laying it all on my bed I began to shuffle through it finding items … Continue reading I started with my closet.