God Isn’t in Control.

My wife Rebecca always does an incredible job curating the most thoughtful gifts, all of the way down to the card. However, as I am nearing my thirties, I have found that I much prefer experiences over physical gifts. She began to understand this and on my 28th birthday she provided the most meaningful experience … Continue reading God Isn’t in Control.

He’s Alive

I have been watching the Rod Serling Twilight Zone. It started off as nostalgia; remembering the fun Rebecca and I have on the Tower of Terror in Walt Disney World. We started with the classics: Time Enough at Last, Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, The Monsters are Due on Maple Street, and A Kind of Stopwatch. We … Continue reading He’s Alive

Christian Schools.

I went to a private Christian liberal arts university in a small town in Ohio with a major in Pastoral Ministry. While there, I was exposed to some of the smartest professors in the field and began to challenge the Christian establishment after taking a course that involved a homelessness simulation. By the time I … Continue reading Christian Schools.