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I believe that living within the sovereignty of the divine means that our lives change right here, right now.

There is not a part of life that should not be impacted by the way of Living we read in holy scriptures. Everything is spiritual and requires that we take a keen look at how our behaviors, values and policies shape our lives.

My Story


Are you having trouble getting rid of your stuff and simplifying your life? You can start by reading these essays.

Wearing Responsibility 

Some thoughts I have on wearing clothing that is sourced, produced and sold ethically.


Lack of budgeting and setting financial limitations was one of my greatest downfalls. Read a couple essays on how I kicked the habit of impulse buying and learned how to be disciplined with a budget.

Letting Go

Letting go is one of the things I hear people struggle with the most in terms of simplifying their lives. It was not easy, but learning to let go of the frivolous to make room for the essential was a game changer.


Building habits, routines and sticking to what you start is difficult. Starting with the few steps below might help you get the momentum you need.


Sometimes I just write random things as they come to mind. At times they take the form of prayers, other times they shape into well thought ramblings. I’ll let you be the judge.

Spiritual Practices: