I do not define success as a particular salary cap, standard of living or a certain amount of money in a savings account. A working definition for success in my life is about living the best quality of life with strong core relationships, a balanced Spiritual Life, working to improve the lives of others and living a life completely in line with your values. The fun part of this definition is that it is not measured as a goal to be achieved, but rather a journey that is lived in the here and now. 

It can be difficult communicating with difficult coworkers, decluttering your home, defining your priorities or even seeking Spiritual Direction. I have personal experience is all of these areas and offer mentoring.

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Spiritual Practices:

I have struggled for my entire adult life knowing what it means to center myself and find time for quiet. In a period of three years I discovered ancient practices of centering in my own faith tradition and offer explanations for those practices.

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