I am starting a podcast. This is why:

I grew up in a conservative Christian home and then I grew out of it.

​It was in college where my conservative Christian perspective was challenged and I began to look at scripture, people and responsibility differently. On the home front I was being groomed to become the new status quo pastor, seeking to preach the good news of benefited blessings to the white straight middle-class American.

​In the ordination process (kind of like passing all requirements to become a teacher or doctor) I was viewed as too radical and once I came out as an ally to the LGBT community I was quickly removed.

​I lived in exile, became an atheist, finding my faith again in the most unsuspected ways, places and rediscovering the beauty of a humanity in the neglected and move vulnerable.

​So now I am here asking for your support to fund my podcast. As a supporter at $3 a month you will get an opportunity to ask me questions I will often not answer in a public forum, since debate is not my goal. I want to have conversations, which is why 10 supporter at $10 a month will join a group of open minded people in virtual discussions.

​Even supporting the podcast at $1 a month would mean a great deal. Podcasting and blogging is not free if you want to do it without advertisements, as I do. Your support means I can create things without added distractions, leaving more room for meaningful conversations and sermons.

Support the Podcast go to Patreon.com/exiledchristian and select a year with the perks you would find the most value in. ​

​Together, with your support, we will create something truly meaningful.