Privilege as a Veil.

One day my I was having a conversation about immigration and the current refugee crisis focusing on how the rhetoric from Donald Trump was exacerbating the situation. Some of us shared our heart and the pain we were feeling for those who were in the middle of it all, being used as political leverage. One of my friends broke into the conversation and said, “Man, I am doing my very best to drown out the negative going on in the world, I am just trying to focus on the positive.” 

I said in response, “The height of privilege is getting an opportunity to only focus on the positive.” 

It is an incredible privilege to not have to worry whether or not you will get deported because your parents immigrated to the US with you when you were a child. It is a privilege to not fear for your life due the faith you grew up with. It is a privilege to be straight in a world where your right to marry who you love will not be taken away. It is a privilege to not fear that your child might get pulled over because of the color of their skin. It is a privilege to not worry about whether or not you can afford life-saving medicine. 

Privilege is not just about money, privilege is not having to worry about others judging you for who you are or where you are born. 

When I read the words of Jesus I see a person helping us realize how we are to be a blessing to others, not hid behind our privilege as a veil to not see the pain and hurt in the world. I believe we should be able appreciate what we have, but this does not mean we do so at the expense of the most vulnerable. We are suppose to be a blessing to others, not hide from those who need it the most. 

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