Belief Struggles.

There has been a time when you have questioned the core of what you believe. You laid in bed afraid of the consequences of sharing it or even found yourself lying with your hands raised in singing and proclaiming the very newly questioned belief.

You might question the virgin birth, the resurrection, the miracles of Jesus, and even whether anything in the Bible happened the way it says it did.  This leaves you feeling alone, afraid to share these thoughts with anyone.

Do not despair. 

You are not alone. 

I struggle with accepting the resurrection, the virgin birth, and believing whether the miracles and the characters in the Bible were no more than archetypes. But that does not matter, the truth of the stories still remain. The beauty of care for the neighbor is still true and the need to love and accept all is still at its root. You do not need to abandon the values gained just because you do not believe as you use to. 

There are some who would say we are no longer Christians, but that would be contrary to the alternative lifestyle Jesus presented and invited others to live into. Jesus did not evangelize, he implored people to question the establishments that were preventing people from being fully human.

Accepting the meaning behind the beliefs does not have to be preluded by the belief they actually happened. For some of us it is helpful to accept the meaning, and then consider the implications of whether or not something literally happened. Some of us might never believe in the literality of scripture, but that need not be a hinderance to accepting the beauty that comes from accepting the truth in the teaching of Jesus. Some would say such a way of thinking takes the Bible far more seriously.

Question your beliefs. Look for the value of the teaching. Live your life in accordance with the truth of loving your neighbor as yourself. 

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