He Burned His Bag

A Parable

A man on a treacherous journey through blistering deserts, freezing mountain ranges, fighting off wildlife and almost drowning at sea comes to the beginning of his new life. He drops his heavy bag and wipes the sweat from his brow. The life of terror, oppression and fear of death is now behind him. However, he comes to realize the cost of journeying so far. The land will need to be tilled for farming, a shelter built, a well dug and the countless other tasks he has yet to consider. 

“Maybe things weren’t as bad as I made them out to be.” he says, “I will only unpack what I need to sleep, and then I will journey back.” 

After starting a fire for warmth he climb into his sleeping back and laid his head on his bag. Just before dozing off his eyes crashed open in terror. He picked up his pack, dumped out the contents and through it into the fire. He only began to doze off after he saw the bag was engulfed in flame. 

He got rid of the one thing tethering him to the life he feared. He burned his bag. 

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