The Throne Room

Peter Rollins tells a parable similar to this one: 

Imagine yourself as a pious Christian person who has gone to church every Sunday, Bible Study on Wednesdays and even occasionally volunteered in the food pantry having died and then goes to heaven. You are looking forward to seeing St. Peter at the gate with his grand big Book of Life open, and upon the announcing of your name you would hear trumpets and march on over to a banquet in your honor, because you were indeed a good and faithful servant. 

As you walk up to the gate and see nothing there. You pass through you and grow even more confused. People are sitting down with their heads in their hands weeping in the midst of what still looked like a paradise, but without joy. 

“Surely, there must have been a mistake.” You think, “Could I have been sent to hell?” 

You run up to a weeping man and ask, “Where is the Lord?” With a shaking hand the man points to the largest most grandest castle that could ever be imagined and says with his voice shaking uttering a single word as he breaks into tears, “There.” 

You run as fast you can to the castle, bust through the doors and what you see takes your breath away. 

Satan is sitting on the throne of grace with the most malevolent gleam in his eye holding his scepter and wearing the Lord’s crown on his head.

You scream at the top of your lungs, “What is going on?!” 

The gleam turns into a horrific smile and Satan replies, “I have vanquished your Lord and have conquered all of heaven and its angels. All who chose to stand with your God have been cast down to eternal torment, but those you see out there had decided to bow down to me and remain here in eternal bliss and free from all pain. Now bow down to me or choose to stand with your fallen God and spend eternity in fire and torment.”

What do you do? 

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