40 Days of Addition

Vintage Addition

Recommended starting with Lent: More Than Fasting

Consider Adding Something during your 40 days of letting go. 

The primary focus of Lent is often subtraction, but I believe that we can have an even more meaningful experience by adding practices or habits to help shape us and reflect during the period.

Have you decided to give anything up? Perhaps you do not feel the need to, which is just fine. Perhaps you would rather add a particular practice or habit to help you kick a different one.

1. Are you spending less time on Social Media? Try taking time to write a loved one or friend a handwritten letter everyday of Lent.

2. Want to spend less money and focus on paying off debt? Instead of spending time with your friends on Friday night, spend time at a soup kitchen or volunteering at a homeless shelter encouraging those in need of love.

3. Are you wanting to watch or read less of the news? Try reading books or watching documentaries about an issue you are passionate about.

4. Maybe you want to use this time to kick poor eating habits to the curb or to eat less of it. Keep some fruit wedges handy and try eating those instead when you have a chocolate craving.

My Added Practices:

Here are a few things I have decided to add over the next 40 days to help keep me on track.

Prayer Beads: 

My time in contemplative prayer will take a little bit of a shift as I engage in a more deliberate and focused way of praying. My morning and evening prayers will be centered around using Anglican Prayer beads with prayers that have been guiding people for years as well as ones I have written myself.


In addition to daily and morning prayer, I will add mindfulness meditation sessions. Although I am familiar with this practice and have tried it in the past, I will take part in it on a daily basis to help center myself before starting my day.


All of my passions come down to one word:


The environment as a whole.

The environment people work in.

The environment consumerism creates.

The environments where people and animals live.

During this time I will do some research on these environments and how my actions have an influence on this world. I believe that the awareness that comes from this will help aid me in my journey toward living a more contemplative and simpler life.

I will spend the 40 days during lent sharing with what I find and how we can work together to make changes in our personal lives to effect change on a gargantuan scale.

You can follow this journey on Instagram @everydaymonastic or by subscribing your email to receive updates.

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